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Why I Like Sprint

sprint cell phone service
I tried the Republic Wireless route a few years back. It's a good company with a good idea (to use wifi as much as possible), but our devices tried to connect to every business we passed on the road, often playing havoc with our navigation. We were also limited to 2gb per month of data, so that was kind of annoying. Sprint provided an option with a similar price point and "unlimited" data, and there are a few other perks just for being a Sprint customer.

Sure, my plan is basic. Unlimited data as long as videos are 480p. Music has speed limits, too. And I lose my signal when everyone else in town is using their data, since I get thrown to the back of the line. But I pay $39 a month for two lines. While this exact plan might not be available to you, Sprint does have plans to meet most of your budgetary needs. Just like all the networks.

In Jacksonville, Sprint works fine for phone calls and texting. It's a little dicey when we get into parts of central Florida. But everything is kind of dicey there. 

The main perk that I get besides a decent phone signal most of the time is the Sprint Rewards app. My wife and I both get the rewards because we each have a phone line. We've gotten free pizzas from Papa John's and Pizza Hut. $3 off at Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, and Coldstone. And $2 each at Amazon. That's in the last six months since I joined. The app tries to get you to buy other stuff on discounts and enter to win sweepstakes that are probably set up to create mailing lists. But I like the mini-giftcards. 

You might also be eligible for a AAA discount with your Sprint plan. My cheapo plan was not eligible, but look into it when you join Sprint. When I had researched it, Sprint was covering the yearly renewal, and the link above is still showing that deal.

If you want a phone line that works decently and costs you a bit less, Sprint might be a good option for you like it is for my family.

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