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$4 Wednesday At AMC Explained

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The local news "reported" on AMC Theater's $4 Wednesday for the summer. When I searched for the program, I noticed a lot of local news channels had also picked up the "story." I'm glad marketing using local news channels is alive and well, but because it's TV news, there was little explanation. I had to search all around to figure it out. At least, I think I have it figured out, and if anyone from AMC wants to contact me to confirm, feel free.

Actually, I texted someone I know who works at AMC in order to confirm my findings. She did not know the answer. That's never a good sign. Then again, when I worked at Boston Store, I didn't know whether or not someone's coupon was good for use on Ralph Lauren, so I always had to walk over to ask Anya. If Anya was not working, I didn't really care if the coupon worked.

Back to the $4 movies at AMC this summer. It's called Summer Movie Camp. You get a movie and a Kids Pack. That's $4 plus tax. A Kids Pack includes tiny versions of soda, popcorn, and a snack. I assume a snack in movieland is a small package of candy.

But there's a huge catch to this. One, it's only at participating theaters. Even though a Jacksonville news channel promoted this camp, here's the official list of Florida AMC theaters that are supposedly participating:
AMC CLASSIC West Melbourne

I don't think any of these theaters are very close to me. I guess Yulee's 30 miles away, but I don't think there's another reason on earth to go to Yulee, so I probably won't go there. Still, pretty silly to waste a news segment on an ad for AMC when only a handful of theaters in our state are part of the deal.

But wait, there's more. Actually, less. It's not ALL PG or G movies. Nope. Here's the list of films you can choose to see for your four bucks, once you make the trek up to Yulee:
The House With a Clock of Walls
How to Train Your Dragon (not the original)
Wonder Park
Teen Titans Go to the Movies
Peter Rabbit
Hotel Transylvania 3
The Lego Movie 2

So it's a list of movies that Sony made that did OK or not well and aren't even really in theaters anymore.

That's it. 9 Old movies. Last night's popcorn. 6 Florida theaters. And a spot on our local channel to promote the whole non-deal. Oh, and one sad son who wanted to see A Dog's Journey but was told by his old man that it wasn't going to happen. Maybe we can pretend Yulee is Jacksonville and Peter Rabbit is a dog.

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