Tuesday, July 30

One Giant Leap for Local Teachers

hello moon
Florida teachers should be riding the 50th Anniversary of the space program fervor. Space travel is pretty cool, whether it happened a half-century ago or last week. Kids are interested in us going back to the moon and even to Mars. Good teachers use interest and enthusiasm to help teach kids, so take that giant leap, whether you're teaching elementary school, middle school, or high school.

Here's a quick and simple lesson I created that combines Apollo 11, history, science, and English. It's not an entire unit or a huge time-commitment, just something to use when you want to get students interested in learning in your classroom. One of the main goals is to try to connect with different classes. Students learn better when they can make connections, and the subjects of history, science, and English make so many natural connections that most teachers miss. This assignment is a simple reminder that these classes (and your fellow teachers) work hand-in-hand educating our kids.

Obviously, you don't have to be from Florida in order to enjoy the excitement about outer-space travel, so anyone is welcome to use the linked lesson. In fact, if NASA and the Pentagon and POTUS and the UN all promoted this lesson as important for all kids, I'd appreciate the downloads.

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