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Top Tier Gas and Better Prices in Florida

top tier shell gas station jax
I used to get my gas at Gate because of a (fairly minimal) AAA discount, but when I read an article on the AAA website that Top Tier gas is better than the stuff offered by Gate, I wrote to my auto club to see if maybe our discount could be for the recommended fuel. Without a formal response, AAA did change fuel rewards programs, so I'd call it a win. With AAA, you get $.05 off a gallon at Shell, which uses the Top Tier gasoline. On top of that, you can add some more rewards to your Fuel Rewards Program with the use of the app. Here are some of my initial thoughts on the program.

First off, the whole AAA tie-in is confusing. I signed up with AAA to get the Shell rewards, but when I eventually downloaded the Fuel Rewards (not Shell) app, my phone number was already associated with an account, even though I never set one up with Shell or Fuel Rewards separately. I kind of assumed it was a separate program, but after using the app and figuring out a login, I think AAA just sets people up with a standard rewards program and extends the "Gold" time frame.

This summer, I got some AAA bonus days when I received $.15 back per gallon. I was not told it was happening, why it happened, or how I can make it happen again. However, that was also before I downloaded the app. I was also on vacation and gassing up daily, so maybe it was some kind of loyalty reward.

Now that I have the app, it looks like there's a way to earn some bonus pennies by buying overpriced grocery items. I sometimes do this, anyhow, so maybe I'll try that out. Reviews online are mixed, saying it's a complicated process to redeem.

I also tied a credit card to the Fuel Rewards app. I think I'm supposed to get more points or discounts from doing it, but my Discover card is not eligible for as much as other cards, based on a message after I signed up.

The main point is that all your Gates and Wawas aren't selling Top Tier gas, so it's not really all about the other perks that Shell offers. It's about the gasoline. If AAA moves on from Shell, I'll still want to find a gas station that offers Top Tier gas for a discount. If I can spend a few pennies less in order to make it cost the same as normal gas at the other convenience stores, then I'm happy.

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