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Northeast Florida Churches, Schools, Non-Profits and Businesses - FREE Tech Tools

Free technology tools for churches, schools, businesses in Jax
Local Jacksonville churches, schools, and businesses, you are in luck. If you're looking for some FREE advice on how to use FREE marketing tools, then I've got the presentation for you. I'm linking out to my Passive Ninja website where you can see the presentation embedded better. I used the presentation while speaking to a group of church leaders in Orlando, and I can speak to your church, too. However, the tools mentioned can be used with other types of organizations, and I have a lot of advice on HOW to implement the tools.

Not all free or paid tech tools are good for you. Some make you work too hard, and others make you support someone else's marketing scheme. Local churches, schools, and small businesses need to consider the time and commitment involved, even if something is "free." It's not really free if you are tied to it all the time or if you have to pay for the upgrades you need. Sometimes, it's better to hire a pro like me, but plenty of times, you can do it yourself.

You might be able to catch a seminar at the local library or work co-op that goes over some of these tools, too, but those of us who put these presentations together generally do so in order to get a little business for ourselves. The link above gives you the presentation for free. You can present it to your own group with (hopefully) an acknowledgement of where you found it, or you can use the Contact Me form on this site to invite me to your HQ.

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