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Lyfted From Town

st augustine florida
If getting a rider for the airport when a return ride is available is the Holy Grail of ride-sharing, then getting sent further and further from home as the rush hour ends is the bottom of the rideshare barrel. Unfortunately, you might just have to eat the time and fuel.

I was trying to get the morning commute streak, but I'd gotten a late start. Luckily, someone needed a Lyft to the beaches from close to home, so I had a rider right away. From Atlantic Beach, I was dispatched way back to the western part of Arlington, until the app realized I was much closer to another rider in Neptune Beach.

Lyft just assigns jobs without much information about where you'll be driving, and I didn't have the option of saying no if I wanted my morning $6 bonus, so I went from Neptune Beach to Baptist Health South, just about to St. John's County.

The next rider came up, and then seemed to cancel immediately: some kind of glitch with a boyfriend's phone, which almost caused me an accident because of rerouting to another rider while in a very busy, poorly-designed office park.

Again, I had no clue that my third and final rider needed to go from the Julington-Durbin Preserve down to, basically, St. Augustine. Suddenly, I was nearly an hour from home with rush hour wrapping up.

Since I didn't want to get roped into a ride in St. Augustine, I set Destination Mode for home. Nothing. I ended up driving all the way home without one request. Almost, anyhow. Destination Mode shut off after 30 minutes or so. I was almost home, anyhow, and I had gotten my $6 bonus (no tips). Sure, I got some decent payout with highway driving, until the point that highway driving took me too far from home for it to be considered a good day. That said, the previous day had seen me drop someone off in downtown Jax, set the destination for home, get two more riders on the way home, and cash out with very efficient use of my miles.

My takeaway is that if I'm going to get the early morning bonus, I probably have to start on the early side of the allowed starting time, since a long ride that begins later in the morning could send me into no-man's-land at the end of the morning commute.

If you want to try out Lyft as a driver in Jacksonville or St. Augustine, click here.

If you want to give Lyft a try as a rider, click this link for a $5 credit on your first ride.

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