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Lyft Driver Jax Snap Review

2008 Saab 9-3 Lyft Jax
For reasons beyond my control, my first weekend of driving with Lyft resulted in an hour of work and two rides. From these two rides, I can see the potential for good and bad when it comes to rideshare driving with Lyft or Uber.

I chose Lyft for the first month because it makes sense to go with one (Lyft or Uber) for one month, as they both have some kind of guaranteed amount for a new driver. The problem is that you have to give a lot of rides to meet the criteria, and doing that for two companies in your first month ever makes no sense.

My first ride was at around 10pm. I'd debated clicking the little wheel for some time. When I finally clicked the button, late on a Friday night, I got an immediate assignment. Apartments on A1A. The rider texted a gate code but no real insight as to where in the complex to park. Problem is that the gate was open, I didn't hit the right button to arrive for him (so his app would say I was there), and I didn't read his text until later that evening. In fact, it's dangerous to have customers texting drivers.

I ended up parking near the apartment office, hoping the rider would come find me after I hit the button to arrive. He did find me, and he proceeded to get in the front seat next to me. Not knowing any better, I immediately assumed every rider got up front to ride shotgun. My rider also smelled like one of those perfume shops in Paris. Like he bathed in the stuff. Meaning my car was bathing in it, along with its driver. Needless to say, I dropped him off at a bar in Jacksonville Beach.

The Lyft Driver app then told me to stay in the area to get another ride at a higher price. I was by the bars in Jax Beach. I pulled into a parking lot and waited for another ride, as the little bonus gauge kept increasing. The ride I got was actually outside of the bar areas, and the rider was going home, but I still got the bonus. This rider took me to JTB and Hodges. I dropped her off and went home.

Two rides my first time out. 46 minutes. $13. No tips. About $3 in bonus money. With the drive back home, it's about an hour of time. obviously, it would have paid for me to stay out two or three hours, and then set the destination mode for home at the end, but it was a good test to make sure I can make more than minimum wage, even if it's for a short shift.

If you want to try out Lyft as a driver in Jacksonville or St. Augustine, click here.
If you want to give Lyft a try as a rider, click this link for a $5 credit on your first ride.

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