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Coronavirus Family Activity: Line Exercise

working out in line during coronavirus
Working out in line during Covid-19
You might think that social distancing and time stuck in your house will negatively impact your ability to do workouts, but you don't have to rush online to get the $10,000 home gym just yet. One local was able to get a full exercise routine completed by simply going to get groceries.

I was waiting for my wife to get our necessities at Trader Joe's. Wine, chocolate-covered nuts, peanut butter-filled pretzels: only the basics. As I waited in the car (and others waited in line), I saw this strange movement in my mirror. When I investigated, I could see that a customer, who was waiting in a socially-distanced line to enter the store, was doing jump squats. Maybe jumping air squats--I really don't know the difference. The woman standing in line behind her had one of those WTF looks on her face, and I'm sure the man in front of her was wondering why there was heavy breathing behind him.

The woman had also biked to Trader Joe's, which is a workout in itself, especially if she was planning to balance several bags for several miles. I thought it was odd that she kept the bike with her as she waited to get let in, but I suppose that's not any more odd than doing all-out exercises while standing 6 feet from others in line. Yes, it's a very good use of the time, assuming she's one of the 10% of our population still employed. Most of us can do a crazy-ass workout in our own homes whenever we want right now, so I have to wonder if she was kind of just showing off, like when I flex my pecs in a tight shirt because I still can.

I don't have the full standing-in-line routine for you in case you were looking for one. I saw her do the jump squats and some version of a front kick. That's when I just had to snap a photo. How often in life will we see people trying to get their cardio going while standing in line? Sure, if social distancing becomes the norm, people will all figure out how to keep from getting stiff while in a mile-long line at Disney World, but line exercising probably won't be a thing once we figure out how to kill Covid-19 so that we can get back to shaking hands and picking out groceries that have been fondled by dozens of unwashed hands.

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