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Everyone's Home and Everyone's Annoyed on NextDoor -- Here's a Fix

turn off notifications in nextdoor
Before I write about this one, I want to remind people that you can turn off notifications in NextDoor. It makes the platform a bit more hit or miss if you do that, but then you don't get roped into what you don't want to read. That's what I do for Facebook, anyhow: no notifications, and then I'll spy on people once a year to see what's been going on. I'd recommend the no-notification route rather than just getting rid of any social media or NextDoor, since you never know when you might want to actually contact your neighbors.

That being said, I have to admit that some of the posts get annoying or redundant. That's probably how any version of this would work. Facebook groups or forums. Or even the old-fashioned phone chain. So, this is what got the goat of one of my neighbors on NextDoor:

So I'm minding my own business today, and up pops on my Phone, an alert, from Nextdoor, "Can I have a Goat" ? well, look around your neighborhood, and based on their location mentioned, last I checked this neighborhood is a subdivision, and last I thought about it, which really I never would have thought the thought, if I had not received that notification, Goats are Farm animals, no I do not believe there are any farms in Ashley Woods, or Eagles creek, some nice size lots here and there, but no farms, where a Goat could graze, and wander, what next, a Pony, a Monkey, a lion, how about an Ostrich ? No check with the city, and of course the HOA.
Yes, asking your neighbors whether a goat is allowed is pretty silly. If you've ever spent several minutes in the presence of a goat, you'd realize we shouldn't have them roaming around East Arlington. Nor the ponies, lions, herpes monkeys, etc. I'd be fine with mongooses (mongeese?) because they get rid of snakes, but I'm sure they cause their own problems.
Actually, it looks like the mongoose mostly eats insects, crabs, earthworms, birds, rodents, eggs, and carrion, so I'm all for bringing some here if they don't attack garbage cans like raccoons. [UPDATE] My wife informed me that Hawaii tried to bring these mammals in to control snakes, and it led to problems, so probably no-go one that.

My neighbor continued:
Next headline, worried, my Cat did not come Home last night, wow, that's fresh, never happened before in History, a Cat not coming Home, from a night out, my guess spent the night somewhere else, could have met their match while out prowling/roaming around their Territory, all night looking for something to pounce on, and doing what they do, after all they are Cats, nocturnal animals mostly sleeping all day, mostly, want to know where your Cat is, keep it in the house, lots of little critters will appreciate it.
Any non-cat owner has been annoyed by the cat posts on NextDoor. It's not like Facebook, where missing cats share the time with cute kitten videos or funny cat memes. Pretty much, when you lose a cat, you let your NextDoor neighbors know. And some of those neighbors (like me) can't imagine why you own a cat or worry about it when you basically let it run loose. However, I hate to judge everyone too harshly, especially when my notifications are off. Maybe NextDoor just needs to let people choose filter words, like "cat," that would delete all "cat" messages immediately. I'd be fine with that. I am sure people who love cats would still get the notifications and help search for the cats.

My neighbor had more to say:
Had enough of these absurd notifications, and will be unsubscribing form this platform, for me this platform is now just a waste of time, and getting the constant self absorbed no it all notifications from so called neighbors, who 99.9.999% of them I will never meet or see or interact with, and just as it is everyone else's right to pester people with the absurd, it is my right to speak the truth, about this waste of a Neighborhood social Platform, ADIOS NEXTDOOR
People, in general, are self-absorbed, including a neighbor who judges and berates his other neighbors. Anyone who thinks he is a stable genius and always right probably needs to take a step back and assess his own abilities in ALL parts of his life, like spelling, capitalization, and writing numbers properly. Most of us are lacking somewhere, even if it's just how we treat those who are beneath us intellectually. And I'm 99.9.999% sure that you can't use two decimals in a single number, but it would be little of me to point that out. And it's pretty absurd to think that we won't all interact with one another. We live in a zip code with 54,000 people, which is about the size of a medium-sized town. Most of the people who we see as our neighbors on NextDoor will use the same grocery stores, post office, gas stations, churches, schools, and restaurants.

Most of all, in April of 2020, people are cranky. With their neighbors, the government, their families, and just about any of the four people they see daily right now. Hang in there, people.

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