Tuesday, November 10

I'm From Milwaukee, And, Yes, The 2020 Election Results Are Normal

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I was forced to write this article because of the number of people I've encountered who, upon learning I'm from Milwaukee, make such statements as, "Your city really blew the election." I can't speak for Philadelphia, Detroit, or Atlanta, but I can tell you that election results coming in late and favoring Democrats is fairly typical in Wisconsin because of Milwaukee. If you take a look at the Wisconsin results, you'll see that Dane County (Madison) and Menominee County (87% Native American) had higher percentages in favor of Biden. Democrats will often win Milwaukee with over 60% of the vote, but not always. Clinton won 66% without ever visiting the state. Obama got 67% in 2012 and more total votes than Biden in 2020. Biden got 69%. That IS the highest percentage I could find for Milwaukee County, but it's still in the ballpark, so I wouldn't claim anything odd about the election there. 

From 2010 statistics, only 23% of Milwaukee voters were likely to vote Republican. The rest claimed to be Democrat (59%) and Independent (18%). With the assumption that 100% of Republicans voted for Trump, I wouldn't raise any red flags in Milwaukee until Biden's total would be closer to 75% of the vote. And even then, it's the right of the people to express their will, change their minds (as they did FOR Trump in 2016), and have their votes counted.

I think it's worth mentioning that it wasn't really just some liberal criminals in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Detroit that stole the election by voting. Over 150,000 people voted for Biden in the three (very Republican) counties surrounding Milwaukee. Even in super-Trump-loving Florence County, WI, where the president got 73% of the vote, 781 folks still voted for Biden. That's kind of the way our voting works. If we keep the Electoral College, a candidate still needs to carry enough of the states with larger cities. Trump's message resonated enough in Texas, Florida, and Ohio, and that's meaningful, but he simply fell short in some states, even if it was just as close as four years ago (but not in his favor).

Obviously, if any irregularities exist, they should be investigated, and anyone found guilty of election fraud should be punished. Quickly, as in before any recount. A day or two, really. And, really, we're talking about mass fraud here, like programs not tallying votes properly by design. Or dozens of poll workers figuring out a way to change votes. If Republicans, who are generally better at white-collar-style (see Rick Scott) crime can't figure out how to do it, I just don't see some grandma from Shorewood getting it done. 

However, if there isn't any credible evidence, then it's totally believable that Biden won Milwaukee County with nearly 70% of the vote. Some people were probably surprised that Biden won 51% in Duval County here in Florida, similar to his performance in Miami-Dade, but we're not claiming there was a conspiracy in Duval.

Most people don't understand the Electoral College or how votes take some time to count, but that IS our system. It was the same system that allowed Trump to win without winning the popular vote. The same cities and counters and machines would have made sure of a Hillary win if that sort of tampering was possible. If the Deep State that has been accused by Trump of rigging elections since his Republican primaries actually existed, then a true crusader like him would never have gotten the nomination or defeated Clinton. The New World Order doesn't allow mistakes like that to happen. Unless, of course, there was mass voter fraud that negated Deep State intervention IN FAVOR of Trump in 2016 that led to his victory. But I doubt it. 

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