Monday, December 14

95% of Jax Florida Blue Employees Are Working From Home; Umm, Uh-oh

I am all for American jobs in America, which is why when I read about Florida Blue renting out office space because 95% of its workforce is working from home, I got worried.  If Florida Blue realizes that the employees don't really have to be in the office to be effective, I have to wonder how long it will take before the company wonders whether the employees need to be in America to be effective. And it's probably happening in lots of places across America right now. 

I met a guy who who worked for the NFL out of New York City, and he said he hadn't been to the office in months. His job, I assume, is perfectly secure, since he has to know football and travel to games. However, customer service jobs that can be done from home are a little different than an executive position with an all-American sport. People from India have been denying my claims with other insurance companies for years. I wonder how long it will take before Florida Blue realizes it can not only avoid paying for office space in Jax, but it can also probably avoid paying for people to work at home offices here. 

I want to be clear that I am not suggesting Florida Blue do anything to diminish its presence in Jacksonville, but I would suggest that the people associated with the company think twice before upgrading that home office with a new home. Using Americans apparently costs $50 to $80 an hour for typical customer service, while outsourcing costs as low as $15 an hour. Multiply that by the number of hours and local employees and you can see why Florida Blue is probably considering staying in the property management business. 

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