Thursday, March 4

1986 Bertone (Fiat) X 1/9 in Jacksonville

1986 Bertone X 1/9

I've been asked by a reader to add some photos of my X. I don't think she'd mind. 

I've seen a few people snap photos of her as I drive around, but I've kind of neglected to take many of my own. Her permanent, legal home is in Wisconsin, where most of the photos were taken. 

Because the X is kept in a garage now, not much has changed over the years. Had her since 1996 or thereabouts. If you see us together, say hi. I might need your help jumping her because she's got a loose ground. But it's still nice to take her top off once in a while.

Bertone X 1/9 trunk and hood open

Bertone X 1/9 battery

1986 Bertone front

1986 Bertone X 1/9 back

1986 Bertone X 1/9 engine

Bertone X 1/9 instrument panel

1986 Bertone X 1/9 driver's seat

1986 red Bertone X 1/9

1986 Bertone X 1/9

Red 1986 Fiat Bertone X 1/9

The photo years range from 2002 (next to the Cavalier) to 2017 (sunrise at Lake Michigan). I'll add some more below when I get her dusted off for 2021. 

red bertone x1/9 2021

Yep, same car. 

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