Monday, November 12

Just In Case You Want Your Shower Water to Taste Better

aqua bliss shower water filter
Jacksonville doesn't have terrible water, but I don't like the taste of it, or smell of it. Since I have a refrigerator with a water filter, I don't have to deal with the sulfur, pharmaceuticals, and whatever else sneaks into the Jax water supply. But that's a totally different review. This one is all about shower water, and most of us don't drink it, so why get a shower filter? Well, if you want slightly less hardness without a water softener, this might help a little.

Perhaps you can tell that I'm not totally convinced that this AquaBliss High Output Shower Filter thing works. I WANT to believe it works, since I don't want to foot the bill for a water softener, and I also don't want to hear my wife complaining about the shower water not doing what she expects it to do. For me, this item does work, since it does take the sulfur smell out of the shower water. In fact, the other day I drank some of the shower water (since I really care about giving you the best reviews), and I can tell you that it tastes pretty good. What you're getting is a water filter, probably not one that can really change the hardness of the water, but one that can possibly make your water smell and taste better. There might be some other benefits, but I don't notice much when it comes to lathering of soap and whatnot.

The main point here is that if your wife believes the soap lathers better, that the water smells better, and that something is working without you footing the bill for a $1,000 water softener, then I'd go with this placebo. At least give it a try for under $50. Your house will likely fall apart before you'd spend as much as a water softener on these fixes. We didn't get one for the kids' bathroom because they don't know any better than what they get. And the sulfur-infused water reminds them of Disney.
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