Wednesday, April 25

Free Review of Your Local Jacksonville Product

When you have a local blog, people want to get free advertising on your site. And the good kind, not an honest review from a paying customer. I remember when I worked on a student newspaper in Wisconsin, I'd get free items to to review. I think there was some kind of ethical such and such involved. But this isn't a student newspaper or a real newspaper. You give me something free, I'll use it and mention it. I won't lie, but I will carefully weigh any criticisms, unlike when I pay full price for something.

I'm not talking about writing fake reviews or anything dishonest. And I don't want something I won't use--that doesn't make sense. Like fishing lures. I built a website for a guy who sells bait, but since I don't fish, I've never once asked for or wanted payment in any kind of fishing tackle. He let me stay at his place in Ft. Myers for a few days as payment, and that's cool.

But let's say you have a lawn or tree service. If you could eradicate my dollarweeds or make my mistletoe-infested tree disappear, that's worth something to me, and me writing about it is worth something to you. Maybe not the full amount of some services, but that's why we make offers. The good news is that any article I write will still be around a decade from now, and  I have articles on other websites that continue to get new hits and were written as far back as 2004. Over time, your free or very reduced service will likely generate dozens of new jobs. Maybe more. Consider it a long-term investment.

Hundreds of local people are reading this blog after less than a year, and once I start actually marketing it, like on social media, there will be more hits. Don't worry, I've done this before, and I know how to get eyes on websites. But it does take a little time and a lot of writing, so that's why it's cool to get some local items or services to test out.

If you're a local Jax business looking for some added exposure without having to pay for ad campaigns and marketing teams, then give me a free meal or deal.

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