Saturday, November 3

FBI Most Wanted in Jacksonville

It's not all that surprising that a man on FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted has been through Jacksonville. We're on I-95, and that makes our city a pit stop for criminals traveling up and down the East Coast. Even though there's no definitive evidence the man in the photo is in Jacksonville right now, it's probably a good idea to get his photo out there because he's been here before.

I wanted to do my part when I heard there might be a 10 Most Wanted around here, so I paid attention when Action News Jax told me about the violent criminal. John Bachman introduced the wanted man on the news with:
Agents say the suspect goes by several aliases making it difficult for them to track him. 
I am sure the FBI does have some trouble tracking people who change names all the time, but I assume a lot of people on wanted lists do that. Anyhow, I figured this guy must be a master of disguise, probably dying his beard black, maybe shaving it off, wearing glasses, and, of course, using all those aliases. Keeping the FBI guessing. But I've watched a lot of episodes of The FBI Files, so I know a few aliases won't throw them off the scent forever.

I was waiting with anticipation for Christy Turner to reveal the names along with her snug-fitting red shirt and dark roots. I figured these were some pretty good aliases, as they have the FBI swamped with confusion. Perhaps he uses old-time actor names like Robert Harron or Harold Lloyd. Or maybe foreign-sounding names like Zsombor Horvath or Guido Esposito.

Not exactly. Here's what Christy's article said about the aliases of Greg Carlson:
 Carlson also uses the aliases Greg A. Carlson and Greg Alym Carlson.
I either just lost total faith in the FBI or the local news. The use of his middle name or middle initial has made him difficult to track? Not even Gregory or Greggy? Possible explanations include:

  • No one from the local news ever talked to the FBI
  • The anchor never read the story filed by the reporter
  • The FBI is incompetent
  • People are easily confused by middle names and middle initials
Sure, I'm having some fun with the story. This guy is a legitimate jackass that needs to be led to jail, so check out the wanted poster below and call the FBI or 911 to get in on the $100,000 reward. (Click on it for larger image.) You have a better chance of seeing this guy in Florida than winning the lottery, so keep an eye out in Walmart parking lots. 

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