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Giveaway! Florida Drug and Alcohol Course & Permit Exam

This contest is currently Closed

If you are a parent of a soon-to-be driver or a kid who's looking to get a license, I've got a giveaway that's perfect for you. I have been authorized to offer Aceable's (Florida-valid) combined Drug and Alcohol Course & Permit Exam (valued at $48 online; on sale for less right now) as a giveaway for New Jax Witty readers.

Since my own kids aren't old enough to drive yet, I have not done much research on Drivers Education in Florida. However, when Aceable extended this offer to me, I decided to make sure it made sense for those of us in the Sunshine State. These are approved classes that work here in this state. It looks like you can do a lot more with Aceable if you're in other states, but this blog is generally for Florida residents. Also, read the DMV page listed for more information. It looks like some people who take 3rd party tests are randomly re-tested. That seems a little unfair, but it also means that you shouldn't wait a long time after passing any 3rd party test to show up at the tax collector's office.

(Aceable also offers a Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course for people in Miami-Dade ONLY, but I think we should focus on those of us in Jacksonville rather than your cousin down in Miami who needs a safety course.)

I'm kind of hoping all cars will be self-driving and super safe before my kids learn to drive. I also hope that whether you take the courses online or in a classroom that you pay attention. And always wear a seatbelt--I've been in two major crashes, and the seatbelts made a difference.

Aceable said I could make the rules, but I'm not looking to exclude all kinds of people, so I'll keep it simple:
1. You are a Florida resident (or at least that's where the license will be issued)

2. You MUST read one of my articles on safe driving/traffic concerns in Jacksonville and say something about your take on the issue raised. Not an essay, but also not just copying and pasting my words. Like a couple of sentences. Choose one article to read:
Note to Jax Drivers: Turn Signals Serve a Purpose 
Make Sure You Have a Working License Plate Light
What's With The Fog Lights, Jacksonville?
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Giant Pickup Trucks in Jacksonville
Smart ASSet ASSessment of Florida Drivers is Half-ASS
What is Your Quest? Crossing Jax Bridges
Can We Build Our Way Out Of Traffic Congestion in Jacksonville?
Kernan and McCormick Intersection Options

3. Send your response to me, say it's for the contest. 

4. One entry per person, please. Since I'm reading these, I'll be able to tell if you sent me 30 entries.

That's it. I'll choose a winner from the entries, based on the short response to an article that you write (and maybe some randomness if it's a tie). I won't save your emails to bother you or send them to any driving school for some company to bother you. If you don't hear back from me, I just went with someone else, but I still like you. When the contest is no longer OPEN,  please don't send me more entries.

Just imagine all the car air fresheners you can buy with the extra $36-$48 you'll have if you win.

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