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Jeff Glauser's New Website

Consultant. Writer. Trainer. Branding Expert. Virtual COO.
Jeff Glauser is a local consultant, writer, trainer, branding expert, and virtual COO. I met him at a local business group, and we hit it off because we have some similar interests and abilities. At first, you might think that another freelancer with similar abilities would be intimidating, but we both saw it as an opportunity to employ each other's talents in a meaningful way. He'd never totally built his own website, and I'd never been paid much for all my consulting, writing, and training that I'd done as part of my website building. Plus, I wanted to learn more about what it takes to be a branding expert and virtual COO.

Jeff's website was easy to build because he had excellent content ready for me. Many times, I need to create empty pages that I hope will be filled by some kind of updated content, and clients don't always get around to doing it. Having the content ready for me also allows me to format it properly from the start, since copying and pasting from Word often results in lots of added code that I like to remove. If you hire a web designer, it pays to have some content ready to go so that the designer can use his or her talents to get it looking good from the outset.

Jeff and I decided to trade services in order to make the website happen. I think bartering for a website is perfectly legitimate, especially if the trade can further result in jobs down the road. Jeff will see that I can build a top-notch website fairly quickly, and when he needs something like it for one of his clients, I can be called upon. Plus, I get some branding or consulting to help me. Back before I made website building an actual part of my career, I built sites for friends who would let me play in a baseball league for free or record a song for me (yes, I built the website for a song). As long as both parties are satisfied, I like trading services.

I've tried this technique with other local businesses, but it rarely works unless you meet the person. For example, I contacted a local music shop to ask a question, and mentioned that I could also work on the website as part of the email. Every time I send an email like that (and it's only when I have a legit question), I just receive an answer and no response about the website. That's too bad, since most of these local businesses would benefit from a new customer and a fresh web design.

Anyhow, if your local business needs a website, I'm here. If you're more in need of consultant, writer, trainer, branding expert, or virtual COO, Jeff's a great person to contact.
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