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Northeast Florida Real Estate Agents: What You're Missing

east arlington jacksonvilleWhile there are a few local real estate agents / realtors who blog about areas they like to sell in Northeast Florida, it seems that there may not be time or desire to create the evergreen content necessary to become established in one area. Now, I totally believe any person who can write 150 positive words about an outdated property she's trying to sell could easily write about the nice-ities of living in Nocatee, but it's not necessarily part of the job description, so you don't do it. But you really, really should.

Simple example of why you need to blog (write) about a neighborhood you want to sell. When I was doing research about my house, built in 2003, I found a realtor website from 2003 that had information about my area. Without probably realizing it, that realtor has been getting hits (and maybe a few clients) from a simple article that talked about the new neighborhood going in. Even if people don't tell you they found you because of an article, and even if it seems like a lot of time in 2019 to write five paragraphs about Magnolia Grove. Long after everyone else has taken down information about floor plans, prices, and showings, your website can be a treasure trove of information for people who might be considering a move to a new area.

I recently had a man from another state contact me about retiring to Jacksonville. He asked for the name of a realtor. I provided one. That realtor was not you. While I'm not even sure what a lead like that is worth, the point is that a non-realtor was able to generate it. I bet that would be pretty nice if, out of the 10,000 people relocating to the area each year, you would get a couple of emails a week asking about using your services to find a home. Not leads that come through the home office, but ones that come because you are seen as an authority. At least I assume most agents would appreciate that.

Sure, I can write content, and you could hire me. I'm fine with that. Pick an area to sell, and I'll write about why that's the best area to be, and the best agent for that area. But you can also do that as well. Not just for a listing that will be gone once the house sells. Take all the good stuff from that listing and add it to an article that stays with you and your website. Maybe even start a blog, like this one. I can also help with that. Really, if real estate is your long-term goal in the Duval / St. Johns / Clay area, then you'll want to have a presence that goes beyond your corporate profile and past listings.

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