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Facebook Interests, Pages, and Hassles

Using facebook for Jax businessesWhen I searched for New Jax Witty recently, I noticed a Facebook Interest page for what we do. No one was really interested, so it's kind of odd, but there it was. I liked it, anyhow. Then I decided that after two years of getting lots of hits, maybe I needed an official Facebook page for the site. I was hoping I could just take the public interest page and convert it to the other page, but I instead apparently created a new New Jax Witty page that I don't really want to have to update.  But that's not all, when it comes to social media.
I know that I'm supposed to be engaging people on social media in order to get them to visit my websites. I don't enjoy that aspect of writing. I want people to find my articles because they want to know about something, not because I want to want them to know about it. I tried the Facebook thing with my local business back when I started it, got some likes, posted some progress, and then gave up. I should probably revisit that Facebook business page, too. Or the other one that I created that should really be combined with the first.

Then there's Twitter, too. My articles on this website are probably good fodder for Twitter, if people do read more than 200 words sometimes. Again, I'd rather people who are looking to read something more substantial find my articles rather than be driven to the site with some kind of snarky comment with a hashtag. But I'm not above doing it, so I probably should. You probably should, too, I guess.

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