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Male Fashion and Lifestyle: Matching Hats

cousins in matching nike hats
If you want to be really cool as a group, get you some matching hats. Most of us don't think about it ahead of time, and we often make the mistake of matching t-shirts or NASCAR jackets, but matching hats are really the way to go for guys. Let's take a look at how to decide on those hats so that you can look your best.

Sports teams have matching hats. If you join a team, you'll get one like everyone else. When you go out for an ice cream after the game, everyone will know you are a team, even if you've put on jackets to keep warm. I kept all my North Central Little League hats, which is how I was able to get a photo of my past teammates and coaches all wearing matching hats. Sure, some of them were All-Stars hats, but they were all black North Central Little League headgear, and we looked like a team.
North Central Little League hats mke

Even if you're not on a team, your grandma could make the awesome decision to buy matching Nike hats for all the cousins in the family, creating the photo op from above. Actually, my grandma probably should have done this every year, but I'm not sure the womenfolk saw how cool the whole thing was. Instead of spewing on about politics and drinking too many Bud Lights, we were hanging out in the yard like a football team (all linemen), just because we'd gotten those hats.

foam miller st. patty's day hatsMy friend and I went on the Miller Brewery tour just before St. Patty's Day one year and procured the matching foam hats you see here. That was a good hat purchase because everyone seemed to want to take photos with us, and this was way before smart phones and selfies, circa 1999. Check out those Chuck Taylors and that Seiko Kinetic watch.

Of course, you can get it all wrong with matching hats, too. Family reunion hats seem to fall in this category. Or matching cowboy hats--those are supposed to be individual. Probably band hats, too, like if you and four of your friends all had matching Def Leppard hats, even at a Def Leppard concert, you'd be kind of lame. But most of the time, matching hats are pretty sweet.

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