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Male Fashion and Lifestyle: Sunny Boy Hair

sunny boy and big mike apple picking at elegant farmer
I originally got the "Sunny Boy" wig when I was an extra in an independent film that was never finished. I had to wear a Polo shirt, a sweater over my shoulders, and the Sunny Boy blonde wig. I was the bad guy, and my Mercedes 300SD also fit the bill. We only finished one day of filming, at Lake Park Golf Course in Milwaukee. I was probably revealing my devious plans to co-conspirators while golfing. I don't recall. However, Sunny Boy stayed with me, and I put it to some use over the years.

Once in a while, I'd pull Sunny Boy out and wear it somewhere. Not just to drive with blonde hair, but to actually be Sunny Boy on an excursion. That means getting it to fit just right and owning it all day, like I did when I was in the movie. I am sure the people with me during those adventures kept wondering when I was going to take the hair off and be normal, but it was just a simple way to be a little outlandish for a day. I never totally got into character. It was just the blonde version of me. 

The main events I remember best while wearing the wig would be crazy hair day at my teaching job, going apple picking, a day at the zoo, and our daughter's Barbie birthday party. 

As a teacher, I am a consummate professional, even if I like to tell a good, funny story to the students, so most of them couldn't help giggling at me all hour as I wore Sunny Boy. For some reason, they couldn't take me seriously, even though the rock star wanna be teacher down the hall looked like Sunny Boy all the time. 

The photo above is from apple picking at the Elegant Farmer in Wisconsin. I wore Sunny Boy while there with some friends. No one seemed to notice or care out loud, but I knew some people wondered at the wild hair on the hay ride. It gave the whole day more of a care-free feeling, so it was fun. 

I lived about a mile from the Milwaukee County Zoo, so why not walk up one day with Sunny Boy? Nothing special. Just another day at the zoo, but maybe some of the animals wondered at the crazy hair on that one human. 

Barbie birthday party!Lastly, Sunny Boy was used at our daughter's Barbie party. I got my wife a big blonde wig to be Barbie. I am not sure where she found the dress. I wore Sunny Boy, even though I'm not sure Ken is normally blonde. No one in the family had trouble recognizing me, probably because they'd seen me in my hair before, but my wife's grandma didn't know her. 

I'd recommend having a dress-up box, even as an adult. I have a giant bin of props, as well as one with just hats. Some are goofy, but others could be used in more serious situations. Probably not job interviews, but just nights out on the Town Center. 

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