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Florida Teacher Pass Guide

Several attractions offer free admission to Florida teachers. However, many of requirements are slightly different, so I thought I'd write them down so that I can remember (as a teacher) how to sign up for my free pass.

Keep in mind that your kids (and non-teacher spouse) will still cost you money at all these locations.

Crayola Experience in Orlando

Teachers get in free with a valid ID, and it has to state "Teacher" on the ID. You can also get a year pass, not that it's any different. I am not sure if the Crayola Experience checks your ID against a state database to see if it's valid.

Legoland requires a lot of documentation in person from a teacher:
Guest must present their valid FDOE Professional or Temporary Certificate, a recent paystub (within 30 days) and current Florida photo ID to receive this offer.
Once you confirm that you are a currently-employed teacher, then you get in for free. It does not seem to be a yearly pass. However, you can visit some linked destinations, as well:
FREE standard Teacher Passes are also available at Madame Tussauds Orlando and SEA LIFE Orlando.

Teachers need to sign up with some other website that tries to verify if you're a teacher (and probably offer you products you might want). Once signed up, you can order the pass on the Seaworld website. I was not able to get verified with my school ID alone before I had a Florida teaching license, even though that's also supposed to work. Here's what you get once verified:
The card provides Florida teachers with unlimited admission to SeaWorld Orlando through August 31.
The evoucher is sent to your email, or you can print it out at home from the website. You take it to the ticket booth and get a teacher card.

Kennedy Space Center
I thought getting in as an educator here was supposed to be easy, but there are some fairly strict requirements, according to the website:
Active Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands Teaching Certificate
Active badge with photo that shows the title Teacher or Educator
Letter on school letterhead signed by the principal listing the name(s) of the teachers attending the field trip
I am sure the marketing department wants to follow up with all schools sending teachers on field trips in order to see if entire school groups will show up. Yes, your principal will probably play along, but most teachers know getting to attend parks and museums for free is not generally about scheduling actual field trips for the students. And it's called a study pass. That's implying there might be a quiz at the end.

Skeletons Museum of Osteology
OK, I don't have any interest in seeing 500 skeletons. But free is free, right? If I was hanging out in Orlando with my teaching badge, I might check it out. The FDOE site says it's free with "valid school credentials." The museum website does not appear to confirm this.

Escape Rooms
I have no interest in escape rooms, and they're not even free, so don't bother.

Tour St. Augustine 
You need to email the company to arrange your free or reduced tour. This one is all about trying to book a student field trip, so be ready for a sales pitch.

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