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Formerly Fuscillo (or Fuccillo) Nissan

huge jacksonvilleI was looking for a deal on a synthetic oil change, and I'd used the Money Pages magazine for such a deal before with Southside Kia, when I came across an even better price at Nissan of Orange Park. When I looked at the ad a little closer, I saw the phrase, "Formerly Fuscillo Nissan," which got me to wondering what happened to the Fuccillo business, and whether it was Fuccillo (like the other dealerships in Florida) or Fuscillo (like the ad says).

For about two years, Fuccillo Nissan had these wild commercials on TV, stating that the savings were HUGE. Lots of giveaways, like cruises, too. And, lest we forget, the very pretty spokesmodel who looked like she was heading off to her high school homecoming dance in the dress her father specifically said she could not wear. At one point, when I had out-of-town guests at my house and a Fuccillo commercial came on, the guest asked when hookers started selling cars. 
Sassy prom dress Jacksonville

Besides the eye candy, I always enjoyed the ads because it seemed like they just had one of the porters or salesmen standing there with a smartphone capturing people saying previously unrehearsed statements about a few cars on the lot, usually in windy conditions. Like something a small town car dealership might have thrown together back in the 1970s. It was as if a new car dealership wanted to give the impression that it was, in fact, a seedy used car lot, and that amused me. 

I worked at a new car dealership back in Milwaukee, and I can tell you that the salesmen might be dressed in monkey suits, but they aren't really your typical banker or lawyer types. That said, most car dealerships want to project the image of being professional, so the guys wear suits to sell cars. And have miniature offices and business cards. I was a 17 year-old porter who washed cars, but the salesmen were the ones who came back to swear at us and make fun of the stupid customers they'd swindled. Those were the guys who taught me that I could never really be a salesman. Anyhow, I kind of liked Fuccillo because it owned that brashness that I knew existed at car dealerships. The problem might be that people want to pretend like they are buying their cars from honest businessmen in suits who run professional commercials on TV. 

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