Saturday, March 21

Just the Mobile Version of the Florida Coronavirus Covid-19 Map

florida coronavirus map
Too many websites want you to read lots of content or click on newsy ad links before you use the Florida Coronavirus map of Florida Covid-19 cases. Or someone thought embedding the map on a website was a good idea using either mobile or desktop.

You want the map that shows which Florida counties have been hit by the Coronavirus. The news websites have not created this map, but they are constantly trying to get you to click through their drivel before you get to the map. Which is also what I am doing here, but at least I'm honest about it.

I do not know how many current Covid-19 cases are in Florida, but the linked map should be able to tell you. I also don't know the current rules for social distancing, but it's always a good idea to date one person at a time, whether you are 18 or 80. Just remember that when you breathe next to someone new, even if that person seems nice and clean, you are now breathing next to all the people that person breathed next to in the last two weeks, and that could include in bed, in a car, in the bathroom, on the kitchen counter, in a park, on the beach, in a restaurant, at a grocery store, in a convenience store, on a trampoline, on a couch, against a wall, in a hot tub, etc. So practice safe breathing.

Oh yeah, I was just reminded that I'd read that viruses like Covid-19 do not like hot and humid conditions, so leave your windows open if you're having people over for a Corona Party or something. Or if you're carpooling your friends to doctors appointments.

And here's the Florida Coronavirus map. Stay safe.

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