Sunday, March 22

Coronavirus Assignment: Say Something Nice

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all
Sometimes it's fun to mess with people a little bit online, like when I ripped on some guy from Lenexa, KS, for thinking he was some kind of a real poet. Or the local Millennial on a mission to become a typical scammer. Or when I smoked a CEO who was acting like a CEO. However, as we all deal with Covid-19 and our families all day at home with us, let's all take some time to write something nice once in a while in order to keep the world and ourselves sane.

You can read some of my more positive biographical writing on my McNewsy website under Short Bios, at least the ones that don't require a subscription. I later began writing Positivity Portraits on Satisfamily. Some of those are good.

If you absolutely cannot think of anything nice to say about others, then work on your own resume while you are off work. In fact, I challenge anyone to create a better resume than mine. Send me a link if you have a good resume to share, and I'll link out from this website.

And especially if you write something nice about someone else. Send me those links. I'll post them for others to read. Maybe try to focus on writing nice stuff about people who are alive rather than just obituaries for loved ones, even though those memories are important, too.

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