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Online Lessons for Teachers

online teaching during covid-19
If you're a teacher suddenly having to teach students online for the first time, you're going to want to use the resources available from your district and beyond. I started teaching predominantly online about a decade ago, even though I still had students in my classroom. Most of my 300+ ORIGINAL assignments were created so that I could use them either as handouts or as Google Docs. They were also used as Microsoft Office assignments when I taught in Florida for a stint.

Whether you are using Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or some other file distribution system, adding documents that students can fill out is a legitimate technique. You don't have to have students continually using all the free or paid online resources, especially if those services don't line up with what you want to accomplish.

If you're not ready for Classroom or Teams, you can also just have students make a copy of a Google Document and then place finished assignments into a class folder. They'll want to share the document with you, but it's more efficient to create folders.  The best part about having students make copies of assignments and adding them to the class folders right away is that you can monitor their work in real-time, meaning you have something to actually do while teaching remotely. Yes, it might be easy to have students just take a bunch of Achieve 3000 or AR quizzes, but it's not teaching, is it? And most teachers know that the online resources out there aren't nearly as good as salespeople lead us to believe. Besides, if these were all so great, then we won't need teachers when schools start up again.

If you want your students to write longer assignments, I created this resource for editing notes, since nothing existed when I was editing papers online. But there are all kinds of assignments for English teachers (some social studies) on my page, and lots more on the TpT website as a whole.

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