Tuesday, June 23

Shell Fuel Rewards Simple Enough Until it Gets Complicated, But You Should Have It

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When I decided I needed Top Tier gas and then AAA switched rewards from Gate to Shell, it seemed like a perfect match. My 5¢ per gallon discount would make the slightly more expensive Shell gasoline about the same price as the non-Top Tier options. And it's really pretty easy to
Save Money at Shell.

I have my Discover gas credit card (2% cash back) linked to my 5¢ per gallon Gold discount. So that's nearly 10¢ off per gallon when gas prices are over $2 per gallon. But wait, there might be more.

The Fuel Rewards app seems like it's kind of old and rickety, but there are options to link more than credit cards. I have AAA linked, but I think that's done on the AAA site. I have also tried to figure out how to link Winn-Dixie and T-Mobile, but as a recent Publix / Sprint convert, I don't know that I'll ever get those accounts linked.

Supposedly, if you follow the link above to sign up for Fuel Rewards, I will get 10¢ per gallon, probably on one fill up. But it's something.

I think there are ways to buy overpriced convenience store items and get more rewardsšŸŒ­. I am not positive if simply linking your credit card setw you up for those deals, but it's supposed to work just to eat at certain local restaurants to get rewards. Or shop online, like Rakuten. I don't know for sure.

I do get like 20¢ a gallon off each year when I renew AAA, but it's kind of quiet. Just there one day and gone the next. And you can also get a separate credit card that might be better than a Discover card for you. I probably won't add another revolving credit account, but I will try linking all the other accounts I can, since something is bound to work.

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