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Classic Chevys in Jacksonville

In the past year, I have seen several classic Chevrolet vehicles in Jacksonville, and as I continue to see them, I will add photos and descriptions. While most older Chevys you see around here are stranded on the side of the road, some still look the way they did on the showroom floor. 

1977 Caprice Classic
1977 Caprice Classic

Chevy downsized the Caprice Classic for 1977, yet it's still about a foot longer than my 7-passenger SUV.  This white example of the classic Chevy has a blueish landau roof, white wall tires (of course), a snazzy pin stripe, and two layers of side chrome. The bumpers have two protrusions that are either meant for pushing another car or else pushing aside pedestrians. Both are useful in Jax. 

1988-1994 Cavalier
90s Chevy Cavalier jax
Besides a low-hanging exhaust system, which is a standard feature in Cavaliers, this early 90s example of the heartbeat of America has me remembering the good ol college days in my 92 Cavalier. My grandma had a bright blue 91, as well. And my dad had a 94 convertible, so I'm well versed in the era. This particular example even has what looks like a professional tint job. 

Bad Ass 75 Chevy
Bad Ass 75 Chevy

Pro tip: if you own a bad ass (badass? / bad-ass?) car, it's always best to show rather than tell. In other words, no car should ever have graphics that describe the car beyond what the manufacturer added. When I was a goofy teenager and inherited a 1972 Camaro, I went and got some "Chevrolet" mud flaps for it because, dumb. Luckily, the wheel wells were rusted out and ended up abandoning my plan to add them. If you have to tell people your 72 Camaro is a Chevolet, then there's a problem, and if you have to use a Craigslist title in the back window of your classic Chevy to make sure people know just how classic it is, there's also a problem. That said, this is a nice looking Impala/Caprice Classic. I'm going to have to say that a lowered look with smaller rims makes these mid-70s vehicles look more bad ass than tossing some 19-inch rims on them, but the car is so big that it can handle goofy rims and a chromed-out tailpipe better than, say, a Chevy Celebrity. 

1980s Celebrity
Silver Chevy Celebrity Jacksonville
I'm thinking this is a Celebrity Eurosport, or maybe just has the upgraded rear lights. It also has dual exhaust, which was probably not standard, even on the upgraded V-6 Celebrity. Also, I wanted to be clear that no Celebrity anywhere ever drove a Chevy Celebrity. The silver with illegally-dark windows looks good on this car (until it's seen stopped at the side of the road by JSO). I suppose illegal tint is the least of your worries when you also have a broken tail light and no license. While I agree with this owner that the Celebrity could have had a better rim/tire combination, the size chosen here seems a bit too clownish.

Keep driving around in those old Chevys. I'll be watching for your sweet rides.

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