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Fellows and Residents Searching for Rental Properties

mcw mke rental house

If you have a fellowship or residency, you're going to be looking for a home in a new city, probably in a new state. You can rely on the rental or home websites or hire a realtor, but it also helps to have some insight from someone who has lived in the area for a long time. I qualify as that person in the Milwaukee and Jacksonville areas, so if you have a placement at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Mayo Florida, or UF, you might want to contact me. Especially for MCW and Mayo. 

Whether you'll be renting or buying, you'll want to find the right location. A fellow serving one year doesn't have a second chance to sign a one-year lease, and there are some areas you'll want to avoid in both Milwaukee and Jacksonville. Check out my Guide of Guides for Jax. Or my rental and buying guide of the Milwaukee MCW area. 

I don't currently have a house for rent in the Jacksonville area (though my own location would be pretty decent for a Mayo resident), but I can still give you some personal guidance if you reach out to me. However, Jacksonville for Mayo isn't too complicated: just live close to the hospital, which is in a nice area. If you want your spouse to be able to hang out at the beach all day, then get a place a couple blocks from the beach. If you want to save money by getting a cheapo non-gated apartment in Arlington or even Baymeadows, don't.

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