Saturday, February 20

Polar Blue Skies?

What are polar blue skies? 

I saw the term used on the First Coast News Weather Channel. When I asked Google, she said she didn't know how to help with that, so I just searched the term "polar blue skies" myself on Google. The top results were from old First Coast News posts about the weather. So is it a Jax thing or a local meteorologist thing? Or a real thing that most weather people ignore?

I also saw a weather report from Texas that referenced a polar high along with blue skies. Meaning a high pressure system that may be related to the North Pole (like the Polar Vortex) but brings 60-degree, cloudless, blue-sky weather (to Jacksonville, at least). 

Here's what you might see when a polar high moves into the South: "The region under a polar high tends to be very stable with a high surface pressure." Generally, we associate highs with "good" weather, so I guess it makes sense that there are sunny skies. With the center of the high over Ohio, I assume it's a cold-weather high rather than a tropical high. The blue skies were reminiscent of those in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, this time of year, though luckily not accompanied by 0-degree temps.
So you've got stable yet cold polar air pushing down from above. Just not as cold because of the Florida sun? Anyhow, it was a near-perfect day.

Actually, my wife suggested that polar blue is just a color associated with the blue skies in polar regions and possibly had nothing to do with the high pressure system.

Where's Arielle Nixon when you need her?

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