Tuesday, April 13

JAXEX Craig: Loud Sunday in East Arlington Probably New Norm

I know some folks from Holly Oaks contacted me about the noise from JAXEX Craig Airport a while back they had video of planes continuously circling, reminiscent of something I'd see months later over my own neighborhood. Maybe complaints from Holly Oaks moved some of the routes. Maybe airport traffic means everyone in East Arlington must suffer. 

When I contacted people at Craig, I was basically told, "Tough luck; we can fly where we want." And that's probably true. The map I found with a route outlined appears to have been followed by maybe one or two aircraft on the latest Sunday that annoyed me. The rest of the planes flew over my house, near Kernan and McCormick. When I hang out near Atlantic and Kernan, I also see just as much air traffic, and there's also a bunch at St. Johns and Atlantic. I was told by an employee that there's a lot more air traffic at Craig than at JIA (JAX), and based on what I experienced one Sunday while trying to do yard work, I'd have to agree. About 50 planes went over my house on Sunday, March 28th. 

In case the mayor, city council, employees at Craig, Jacksonville Aviation Authority, or anyone else who has ignored local residents is interested, I am posting all the flights that flew over my house in one day. Some of them were really loud and others were not. None of them crashed or dropped fuel, but I suppose that's just luck. Some flew over and landed, while others danced around in the air in circles. These 49 flights are from 8:45 AM to 8:45 PM.

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