Thursday, March 8

A Woman Who Adopted Eight Kids?

The news was feeding me a good-news story about JSO giving out random gift cards to people, and the anchor mentioned that one of the recipients was a woman who had adopted eight children. I had so many questions, but that was the end of the story. I looked to see if I could find a story about 8 kids being adopted in the area, but all I could find is one about a local family that adopted six kids and already had two, for a total of eight.

Perhaps this woman had adopted the children over time, and maybe it's not seen as a big story. Adopting 6 kids at once is kind of a big deal but adopting eight kids over two decades might not be seen as news click bait. Maybe everyone who's anyone in adoption is taking in a half-dozen kids or more. Because it's that easy, I suppose.

Actually, the news probably would have reported on a family that had adopted eight kids over any amount of time, particularly if it was a single woman who'd done the adopting, so I'm just wondering how this story has fallen through the cracks. (I am not implying she's a single mom, but the story didn't mention a husband.) Unless she's the mother of one or more heroine addicts who's adopted her own grandkids. Or some eccentric lottery winner who adopts kids in order to yell at them about using wire hangers. Again, I don't know, so I'm just spitballing here.

I do not know who adopted 8 children in the Jacksonville area. It seems likely that a story goes along with anyone who adopts more than the number of kids in 70s family sitcoms, but I could not find that story online. If you are that woman with those eight kids, I'd like to hear more. However, since it's probably a long story, maybe you could write the piece for me, and then I can just post that to the website. I'm exhausted just trying to keep track of two kids.

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