Thursday, March 8

Grenades and Moonshine: An Odd Combination

A guy with a local business was arrested for having both grenades and moonshine inside his establishment. I am not sure about the legality of owning either of these items. It's America, so I figure you can probably own both. Wait, you can't own a grenade, but you can own a grenade launcher. You can own a still, but you can't drink alcohol made in it. You can actually get a license to brew alcohol for your car, and I suppose some of this alcohol might spill into your mouth while filling the vehicle.

If the local guy was busted because of the smell coming from his business, he probably didn't have a permit to make his own fuel alcohol. Apparently, these are easy to get, so if you have a plan to make your own moonshine, at least get the fuel alcohol permit. You can keep it in gas cans in your garage. Just place a large mug next to your car or lawn mower in case some leaks as you fill up.

As far as the grenades are concerned, I just have to wonder how one goes about acquiring these explosive devices, given that they are illegal to buy or sell. Maybe the guy crafted them himself. According to "Stan Hanks, USA: love your country, fear your government," who owns fully automatic weapons and has a bunch of friends who also own silly guns, "I know exactly zero private individuals who have managed to get a stamp for grenades, or anything else in that class." 

So who had the grenades to even sell to this guy? I watch way too much NCIS, and I've never even seen a case like this on that franchise. And based on those shows, there's all kinds of Navy-related crime in our country. Actually, I think we need an NCIS Jacksonville show. I mean, they don't have grenades in Los Angeles or New Orleans. Apparently, some grenades turned up missing last year in San Diego off the destroyer Pinckney, so maybe it's case closed, Mr. Shoop. 

Anyhow, it looks like you can potentially get a permit for both grenades and moonshine, so that's encouraging. I wouldn't apply for both in the same year, however. 

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