Thursday, March 8

$139,000 for Doors--What Could I Do For That?

So the Interior Department of our federal government is spending $139k for new doors for an office suite. That's a lot of money for new doors, so it's in the news. Granted, we're talking about an office with three sets of double doors, so that would be six doors. And locks were going to be added. And probably some money was going to sealing the areas that leak on the old doors. But it does get me to wondering what I could do for that money at my own office (I work from home).

I added two doors to my night office, where I watch TV at night and write about my life. The doors are so that we can watch TV or do workouts in the room without bothering others in the house. Both are folding closet-type doors. One cost me about $50. It's not fancy, but it does have a mirror on the outside, which I thought was a cool idea. The other door is a standard closet door that would have cost about $100 new, but I got it from the Habitat ReStore for $5 because it had some damage. I had to fix it up a little, and I should probably paint it, but that's two doors for less than $60. If I had to replace a third door and use some caulk, I don't think it would add $138,000.

Let's just say $1,000 for most of us to replace three doors in our own. Maybe $5,000 if you get really fancy double doors and a professional installer. I'm no contractor, but that seems reasonable. Heck, let's just say $9,000 isn't completely unreasonable. That leaves me $130,000 for the rest of my home office. What would I do with that kind of money here?

I'd like a nice enclosed patio. High end would be $20,000 for that. $110,000 left. I'd like an extension of my concrete driveway to the side of the house, and maybe add a nice basketball hoop. $10,000 would cover what I need, leaving me $100,000. That's really about it, so I'd probably spend the rest on a Tesla Model S with a nice charging station hooked into my solar array and power wall. I'd probably move my wife's car out of the garage and into the new driveway.

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