Thursday, March 8

1 killed in shootout between 2 cars

The title of this article is the exact same one used by local news. I don't want to make light of the killing of a human being. However, I believe the title implies two cars were doing the shooting. And it got me to thinking. If the best way to protect ourselves in this country is to own a gun, and if only 1% of Jacksonvillians use mass transit, and if many of us keep guns in the glove compartment, and if AI cars are coming our way, why not?

What I'm suggesting is weaponized cars that can assess the threat and protect us while navigating the Town Center on a Saturday. Bulletproof glass, of course. Facial recognition as the key. Self-driving. Gun turret. Of course, you'll have to be 21 and not use bumpstocks. I've seen some cars around here with smoke screens, a la Spy Hunter, but that's probably more of a mechanical failure than a defensive device.

Weaponized cars are pretty much what we need in order to protect our families from thugs and terrorists. And weaponized, fortified homes next. And schools, of course.

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