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Covidifiers Could Cure Florida

covidifier florida
The worst part about Florida is the hot, humid summers. I always tell people from the Midwest who are also considering moving down here that the summers are like winters up there: just stay inside. However, Floridians have a real opportunity to live Covid-19-free this summer, and it's a natural solution, maybe with a little help from my new covidifier invention (patent probably pending).

Like Sars, Covid-19 can be killed in hot, humid conditions. The problem is that you need really hot and really humid conditions. The good news is that even in Jax, we get enough heat (86 degrees). The bad news is that we need to harness the heat and possibly add some humidity so that it's consistently 86 degrees with 80% humidity in all places at all times. That's a dew point of over 70.

Since the biggest crisis right now in Florida is in Miami, which might get hot and humid enough to kill the virus naturally, it would be a good place to test the natural effects of heat and humidity on the Coronavirus, assuming humans can survive at this temperature and humidity. This might seem like a hoax, but I've read two reports that confirm it, one from a Southeast Asian country and another from an HVAC association in Europe. Since the country in Europe doesn't get Florida weather, the recommendation was to continue using AC units (while being careful of air recirculation and heat exchangers). The Southeast Asian official report suggested people open windows and avoid using the AC.

I have not heard one news outlet report about the natural way of killing Covid-19. It seems that we've accepted that it's just going to spread at-will until we figure out a vaccine, and that might be the case in some states. Florida is in a unique position to be hot enough. If we need to run covidifiers (humidifiers) to help make our indoor living conditions inhospitable to Covid-19, then that might be what we have to do. Ironic, maybe, since Florida is where people died from not having air conditioning at senior living facilities, and now the best way to save those same people might be to turn off the AC.

Keep in mind that high temps and humidity and even sunlight might kill the virus quicker, but if you're making out with someone who is infected, you're still going to come down with the virus. Or getting coughed on by someone. The argument is more that if you happen to be in the same office with someone who is a spreader, then if that office is kept at 90 degrees and maximum humidity, you might be able to work without catching Covid-19. It's probably not a trade-off we'd be willing to make in Florida unless proven in other tropical climates first.

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