Jax History

Here are some stories on New Jax Witty that have to do with (mostly) local history. You can see a similar list by clicking this link, but I don't always add all the tags to all the posts.

Jacksonville 1901 Fire Highlights Poor Mattress Material Choice, Rich History of Property Theft

Florida's Lost City of Travertine

Is Jacksonville in the Panhandle?

Duval or DuVal or du Val?

The Sketchy History of Fort Caroline

Are There Any Rare Books at The Jacksonville Public Library?

Historical Places - Mosquito County, Florida

Local Haunts - A New Jaxperience

Luminaries: A New Old Christmas Tradition in Florida

What If St. Augustine Asked Me To Add Context To Confederate Monuments?

Who is J. Allen Axson?

Florida's National Guard: Since 1565 - We Went There

Checking Off One More Year Without Sweetest Day

Losing Your Mom is Rough, But...

Arlington Renewal: Reality Check

The $5,000 St. Augustine Trash Bin

After More Than A Year, I Realize There's A Skyway in JAX

New Christmas Traditions In or Near JAX

So I Stole My Wife's Jane Austen Writing Prompt

I Like Beer

Styx, Poison, Twisted Sister and nonesnake among many others

I Guess I Moved to Ground Zero

The Catastrophe of Success

Florida Should Not Be The Laughing Stock Because of Election

Blurred Out Racial Slur Is Kinda Funny

For All Your Fencing Needs

Simon and Garfunkel in Concert! Oh, wait, no

Getting The Constitution Back Into The Classroom

Take 'Em Down JAX -- Hmm, What Could 'Em Be?

Woman Veteran License Plates

I Would Not Want a Murder Memorial On My Property

Evergreen Content About Jacksonville

Voting For Philip Levine Will Be The Best Thing I Ever Do?

East Arlington or Intracoastal West or Idlewild or Fulton

When Will Jacksonville Hit 1,000,000?

Don't Thank A Veteran This Memorial Day

Sinkholes In JAX or Not

Dr. G Medical Examiner - I Remember That Story

Confederate Memorial Day and Promposals - The Reasons We Still Read TKMB

Jacksonville Neighborhood Bill of Rights Means Something Or Other

MABL Turns 35+ in Jacksonville

Ms. Senior Jacksonville - OK...

Ed Austin Regional Park - The Dunes

What is Your Quest? Crossing Jax Bridges

Why Would a Website About Jacksonville Get International Hits?

Sacksonville Should Prepare For the Worst; Hope For The Best

Snow, Freezing Rain In Jax

New Year's Isn't Independence Day, People

Why Rome, Italy, and The Villages, FL, Are Similar, And Why It Matters

I Wonder Why Alleys Don't Exist in Jax

Boom Goes The Dynamite: Why Bad Newscasts Are Fun

Emissions Testing Coming Back to Jax

Flag Etiquette Lessons With Lenny

Niche Websites and Evergreen Content

Never Seen The Price is Right?

Time to Find Out: What Are People From Jacksonville Called?

Did Jacksonville Never Have Ice Hockey Before?

David Boynton Parkway - Monument Road

Merrill McCormick Wonderwood What? One Road, Many Names

Jacksonville's Not Part of the Panhandle

If There Aren't Any Panthers in North Carolina or Jaguars in North Florida, Then Why?

Historical Flood Risk and Costs

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